Our Objectives.

Developing Co-Curricular Learning

By 2019, we will research and develop proposals for degree programmes to include co-curricular elements to fulfil certain requirements. 

Co-curricular examples would include first aid for Sports Science Students and Leadership for Management Students (similar to models used at MIT).

LSU Student Groups and Department Committees should seek to develop rich programmes of co-curricular activity including lectures, visits and activities which encourage students from across disciplines and levels of study to participate.

We will aim to create 10 new events with 500 participants by the end of Year 2.

By 2019, we will be working towards a system that allows our students to map examples of their extra-curricular activities and co-curricular skills in collaboration with at least 3 University schools.

By 2018, LSU and Loughborough College will develop our own student employment opportunities (including those in Marketing, Finance, Catering and our Venues) to include the co-curricular benefits.

We will actively work to engage with departments to create research and project opportunities that would mutually benefit both students and LSU.

In partnership with Loughborough University, we will support the Personal Best and Graduate Attributes programmes as a major priority working to develop joint objectives and targets.