Our Objectives.

Making It Clear And Simple

During 2017-18, we will launch a campaign to “Make It Simple” for students to identify anything that could be more straightforward in their student life, from registration to graduation.

We will put these issues to the authorities and track progress in a way students can see.

At LSU, will start looking at all our processes to streamline them, from a client/member perspective, as far as possible.

We know that IT has a big role to play when we're simplifying our processes. 

We will undertake a major review of our communication strategy, website, and background membership data systems to make our communication personalised, data-driven and relevant to you.

We will work, in partnership with the University, to support and develop their new campus app to provide targeted communication and an integrated diary of events that apply to you, based on your memberships and sign–ups as well as academic applications.

We will review and simplify Loughborough Loyalty to allow cash redemption alongisde an end to termly point wipes.

By 2020, 95% of students will say its straightforward to get what you need at Loughborough.