Our Objectives.

Support when you need it

We will continue to directly provide advice and help for those in dispute with the University or facing disciplinary action, including for academic misconduct.

By 2018-2019, we will review and consult the best way to provide these services, with the possibility of developing separately from the supported provided through our academic representation.

By 2017-2018, we will look to provide more staffing support for our Welfare and Diversity Section.

By 2018, we will evaluate, review and develop our comprehensive integrated student welfare network (incorporating tutors, wardens, advice and counselling services and LSU Peer Support and Advice) in partnership with Loughborough University.


In 2018, we will have a pilot programme in place to support positive mental health and mental health first aid alongside a referral system to support services. In subsequent years, 50% of our Student Leaders will be able to access the programme.

We will continue to provide a first class Nursery for students and staff with young children to ensure that they can continue their education alongside their parental responsibilities alongside reviewing, with the university, the financial pressures on parents and how they can be minimised.

We will also review the Nursery’s premises as part of our building plans.