Our Objectives.

Somewhere For Everyone To Belong

By 2019, we will have conducted substantial research looking into the needs and barriers for involvement from under-represented groups.

This will include students from our Postgraduate, International (with a focus on our Chinese students), mature, BME communities alongside students in town, independent halls and our College students.

During 2017-2018, we will review our offering of non-commercially driven social events with the primary aim of boosting events owned and organised by our students.

LSU will allocate resources to support and develop this type of activity.

By 2019-2020, based on research and experimentation, we will develop and publish realistic targets and strategies for welfare and diversity.

As a result, we will increase engagement from key groups while reducing the number of those who are catergorised as unengaged.

We will broaden the focus on our data, research and targeted communication to include the most unengaged students alongside redeveloping our work on Tribe segmentation. 

By 2018-2019, we will work with the University to pilot a system aimed at further developing the peer mentor systems.

We want to work to create a more personalised experience to all Loughborough students from the start of their time with us.

We will develop new modes and opportunities for engagement to make it easier for students to get involved in the way that suit them best - whether across campus, in town or online.