Launching Your Future

Our OBJECTIVES: YOUR Employability

Alongside Loughborough University, we will develop an outstanding range of Employability Programmes, in addition to the Loughborough Employability Awards.

  • 50% of students will participate by the end of their time at Loughborough.
  • We will work towards prestigious accreditation and partnerships with high profile employers.
  • We create a mix online recordings alongside face-to-face advice and support.
  • Both peer and alumni elements will feature alongside and in partnership with high-profile, distinctive LSU-led elements.

By 2018-19, LSU will co-launch (with the University) a major alumni-led skills development event aimed to be a pathway to placement and employment opportunities.

We also want to engage recent Graduates in a series of spin-off events to further develop their careers and contribute in developing their roles over time with recent graduates developing their involvement as their careers progress.

Students will be able to record their achievements online through the University App with automatic updates of LSU engagement being included; this LSU 'CV-Builder' option will include different activities and associated employability skills.

By 2018-19, we will have improved LSU student staff development opportunities and ensure their record of development works in partnership withthe University programme.


Alongside Careers and Student Enterprise, LSU will strongly support and develop the Graduate Attributes Initiative.

We will reflect the attributes in our volunteer opportunity profiles and training programmes. By 2020, these will be understood and recognised by 70% of our undergraduate students.

Our Objectives: Enterprise

We will continue to develop the Enterprise pathway alongside the University, by agreeing a vibrant and expanding programme of events engaging 300 active participants with 2,000 registering awareness. We will aim to increase participation by 10% per year, over the next 4 years.

We will support and track the achievements of Alumni previously involved with Enterprise, while developing a communication and contacts programme to inspire current students.

Progressively over the next 4 years, we will build partnerships with other prestigious international universities, to create an international network of, at least, 5 universities around the world by 2019.

We aim for this to feature, at least, one joint programme and network event/programme of competition with each.