Effective Management


Effective Management

We know that putting in place great systems and work practices brings out the best in our highly motivated staff, Executive and volunteer teams.

All of our employees and volunteers are committed to playing their part in our journey to 2022 in order to deliver an outstanding student experience to you. Nothing will have a higher priority than the health and safety of our members and staff.

We Believe...

People are at the heart of LSU’s success. Our Executive Officers and volunteers are supported by great staff who also take care of some of the Union’s key background and commercial functions through managers ultimately directed by our executive.

We understand that ever member of our team people needs to be highly skilled and committed to LSU in order to reach a shared sense of purpose and understand of how their work contributes.

Our Objectives.

By 2018, we will have reviewed and updated our planning and management systems alongside:

  • Departments developing operational plans with objectives in line with our journey approved by the Executive Team.
  • Our Sections will have medium term plans which support our strategy.
  • Executive members, leading volunteers and staff will have personal development plans that detail their own objectives.
  • A clear system for reporting and accountability will be in place for our KPI's.

By 2019, we will research, develop and start to implement a world class staff, executive and volunteer development and training strategy to support the implementation our vision to be the 'World's Best Student Experience'. 

We will allocate suitable resources to ensure that all our people are highly capable of achieving outstanding results and acquire skills for the future.

By the end of 2018, we will have a first class HR systems in place that ensures our staff and volunteers are managed and developed effectively and appropriately in all areas of LSU operations.

By 2019, we will have attained the top standard of Investors in People and have maintained advanced standards of IIP throughout the period of the plan that applies to staff, sabbaticals and leading volunteers.

By 2018-2019, we will have reviewed the role, accountability and relationships of the executive, senior managers and staff which will be well understood by all stakeholders including, Loughborough University.

By 2019, we will have researched and started to implement an effective equality and diversity strategy in respect of all aspects of LSU's operations and democracy.

Health and safety will be a priority.
We will develop and maintain effective systems and resources to ensure compliance H&S regulations and legal compliance issues including data, employment legislation and charity law.


Doing What You Need

Doing What You Need

We will strive to make our decisions increasingly evidence-based while developing our democratic practice to ensure you can have your say.

We want to make good decisions that reflect you, our members, wants and needs and get the best from our Executive, staff and resources by keeping them accountable in a positive way.


Our democracy systems shouldn't unduly hamper our Executive and staff team from delivering the results students expect.

We know that being responsive to your opinions and thoughts through consulting you in the ways that work for you ensures ultimately, you call the shots.

Our Objectives.

By the start of the 2017-2018 academic year:

  • The Executive will have made a specific public commitment to be open and accessible to students and they will routinely report on their performance.
  • Progressively throughout the period of this plan decisions will be made and reviewed based on evidence and data.
  • Proposals and reports will all reference how they promote the objectives in this plan.

By 2018, we will review the size, structure and working practices of our Executive team to ensure that they work as effectively as possible and are organised in the right way to deliver our strategy.

We will aim to have a more representative and attract a wider range of candidates in our Executive Elections to ensure that all posts are contested.

By Easter 2018, we will have reviewed and improved:

  • Our systems for members proposals, suggestions and feedback.
  • The role, practice and effectiveness of Union Forum and explored other ways of engaging both highly committed volunteers and relatively unengaged students in LSU decision making.
  • The structure, role and operation of the Board of Trustees and their sub committees.

By 2019, we will have discussed, defined and refined our student leadership models with key University partners and developed operational relationships with managers and staff. There should be a clear common understanding that is transparent, widely supported and which delivers first class outcomes for students.

By 2020, we will demonstrate, in comparison to similar organisations, the highest levels of meaningful member engagement in both our democracy and decision making to form the basis of our outstanding results.

Over the next three years, we will progressively hear more of our members saying they feel involved and consulted in the ways that are relevant to them and they find it easy to influence what the LSU does.

 By 2020, 80% of our students will fall into this category.


Communication that works for you

Communication that works for you

We know that you only want to hear about things that are relevant to you. That's why we're developing our targeted communications (informed by data and research) so you only here what you need to know when they need to know it.

 Our online communications will be important but we will always appreciate the value of personal face to face communication as a vital component to your experience. We will be enthusiastic partners with the University Communications Team and will support the development of a Loughborough campus student app.

We know...

You have identified that our communications with you, across all of our channels, needs to be improved and we understand that we can't expect you to engage or approve of things that you don't know about. We want to move away from mass communication methods and focus on creating a personalised experience that is relevant to you.

Our communications with you need to be better and we want to help you enjoy the messages you receive from LSU.

Our Objectives.

By 2018, we will have conducted a complete review of our communication and marketing services and published a new communication and marketing strategy as a result.

 By 2020, 85% of members will say they are well informed about what LSU has to offer. 80% of our communication resources will be targeted and the effectiveness and outcomes will be routinely measured.

90% of our members will say they find it easy to find the information they need about LSU and its activities alongside materials which support their student life.

We want to develop our skills and resources throughout LSU to ensure we're the best in area's such as:

  • Brand, Creative style, voice etc.
  • Our online presence: web, and social media to feature tailored home page and other content based on tribes and data.
  • Member relationship and communication software and capability (currently MSL)
  • Data and research including how to make survey most effective
  • The role of the CampusM University app
  • Commercial marketing
  • Resources and recharging
  • Evaluation of marketing, reach and influence
  • **Increase student feedback opportunities eg Reddit/Forum and other means
  • Physical materials, electronic evaluation
  • Creative style, voice etc.



Making Money Through Delighting Clients

Making Money Through Delighting Clients

We want to be able to fund around half of our core LSU’s activities from our commercial services.

In the long term, this means maintaining and increasing our profits. Our aim will be to increase profit through increasing sales as a result of more through marketing campaigns and more regular client satisfaction feedback tools focusing on quality and value for money.

We Know...

Our commercial services are the most successful of any UK Students' Union in terms of profit and engagement per student and they fund about half of all our activities. A relatively high proportion of students don't see them as good value (mainly shops and catering).

We will review our price strategy, boost quality and improve marketing to maintain the profit while improving value.

Our Objectives.

By 2018, we will have developed strong systems for monitoring and developing quality through client feedback, mystery customer reports, staff quality circles based on our strategy. This will be monitored by KPIs for each business unit and across the groups.

  • We will focus on developing quality through our existing operations before taking on any further expansion.
  • Over the next three years, we will aim to increase the profit contribution to LSU by 2% above inflation although our first priority will be improving customer service and value.
  • We will continue our policy of partnering with national brands like CO-OP and Starbucks where possible.

In the next 3-5 years, we will have moved to outstanding premises and will be fully funding all the overhead, management and premises costs of LSU (including the Nursery) but not capital.

We will develop and exhaust all current possibilities to deliver the best student experience with our current resources in order to then build and grow with the expansion into a new building.

By 2019, our services will be seen throughout the University, college and beyond (particularly by students) as a model social enterprises that makes money through exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction.
We will do this by:

  • Successfully understanding our clients' needs and fulfilling them in a targeted and ethical way.
  • Targeted promotional activity in partnership with targeted communications.
  • Developing and building on our Loyalty scheme and using this and other data to drive planning and marketing.
  • Outstanding staff training for both student and permanent staff.
  • promoting learning through its student staff and as a co-curricular laboratory.
  • Reviewing our service delivery, pricing, promotion and gross profit strategies to explore how we can offer better value for money.