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We're Loughborough Student's Union and this is our plan to give you the World's Best Student Experience whilst you're with us at Loughborough.

This is a consultative draft of our plan to 2022 and beyond. We've based our plan on extensive research we commissioned earlier this year to find out how you, our students, saw the World’s Best Student Experience.

We think it is ambitious but realistic.

This is the starting point for the next part of our journey; we will fine tune and develop the ideas on the way but before we set off we want to know what you think.

If you're looking at our journey and you think something isn't quite right or it could be improved then we would love you to let us know, no matter how big or small, your opinions matter to us - We'll take all your feedback on board, get our thinking caps on and adjust the journey so it works for you.

The Research

The road to 2022

delivering the best

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Where Have We Come From

Where Have We Come From

loughborough students' union is consistently ranked amongst the uk's top three students' unions alongside sheffield and leeds. 

We measure ourselves against:

National Surveys
(Includes NSS, Student Barometer, What Uni? etc.)

% of Student Engagement 
(Levels of participation in volunteering, clubs/societies etc.)

Competitions and Awards
(Includes BUCS, NaSTA, Volunteering Hours and Rag Total)


Commercial Turnover and Profit
(Includes event attendance, commercial outlets etc.)


Multi-Level University & College Partnerships - Strong Student Leadership - Highly Committed and Able Staff

We're proud of our achievements since we set 'Our Plan To 2017' but we're setting our sights on the future.

in the next 4-5 years we want to be a world-class students' union delivering the world's best student experience to loughborough students.

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What Do You Want Us To Improve?

What Do You Want Us To Improve?

Overall, you say great things about what LSU brings to your Loughborough experience but there is still work to do to be the best.

We know that every students' experience at Loughborough is personal. We know that both as individuals and within your different student groups you want very different things from your university life. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for everyone.

50% of you have we said need to improve in at least one area that is important to you.

We want to make sure that as your Students' Union we offer you a variety of experiences which help you, as Loughborough students, identify, find and create experiences that work for you - that's why we've chosen three key-themes to focus on during our journey to 2022.



great friends, happy life, belonging

We will aim to work with you, our members, to get a rich understanding of your wants and needs as loughborough students and deliver them by:

Directly provide services and activities alongside our student leaders, volunteers and student staff.

Working with partners throughout Loughborough University, Loughborough College and the local community.

Advocating with students to find out what they need from providers within the University, College and Community. 


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Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality Vs. Quantity

We know that to be the best we need to first be more consistent in what we deliver to you now.

Over the next 18 months, we have chosen to prioritise quality, consistency and our communication to you before extending the scope of our activities. LSU has been through an extended period of expansion and change which has resulted in overstretched staff, particularly in the last 12 months. 


  • We found that you're dissatisfied with the quality and consistency of what we do; 
  • Some say that it is not for people like them or it's cliquey. 
  • Some expressed a desire for the Union to start doing or to do more of things we already offer indicating a lack of awareness for what we do.
  • A large number of you were dissatisfied with the value for money of food and drink in LSU and University outlets.

The beginning of our journey.


The first part of our plan will last 18 months and will focus on quality, communication and organisational changes needed for the next advances.

  • We will focus on staff development and training including our student staff, quality and process management techniques.
  • We will develop our Marketing and Communication strategy which will include the reworking our Tribes segmentation and developing our use of data. We will also see the University app 'Campus M' as playing a major part in our future communication strategy.
  • New democratic and governance structures including the review of our section and sabbatical model.
  • We will review our financial and commercial strategy to explore how we could provide better value for money whilst ensuring LSU’s financial stability.


The second part of our plan will follow in 2-3 years time and we will aim to reach world class standards as a result of research from phase 1.

  • We will look at moving towards a new building and other premises changes to aid our future growth.
  • A focus on extending our reach to underrepresented types of students and finding the resources to match this ambition.
  • A focus on extending the scope of our work and partnership both inside and outside of our university community.
  • Implementing world leading innovation

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Building For The Future

Building For The Future

We aim to be the student hub of Loughborough. We know to do this we will need to develop premises that will support the world class students experience we plan to deliver.

Over the last 3 years we have been in discussion with the University over the future of the Union building to which we have gained substantial support for our outline plans to develop a radical new building for LSU that reflects our joint ambitions for the Loughborough Student Experience. We do not wish to short change current students, so we will want to substantially maintain facilities throughout the development process. 

 By 2019, we should have a firm commitment and plan to develop a new Union Building supported jointly by the LSU Trustees and University Council.

 The Building should be: 

An iconic symbolic of the strength and a demonstration of the importance of partnerships for delivering a world class student experience.

An outstanding facility to house and promote the entire Loughborough experience through the next 25 years - for both LSU and the University.

Be sustainable in every sense while also being a model of accessibility for all our members while also have realistic potential for commercial income.

We will, in the meantime, maintain our current LSU building to a high standard, though obviously we are constrained by its current size and facilities. We will explore with the University and College the opportunities for development of LSU facilities throughout the Campus to support our profile, student facilities and opportunities for revenue generation.

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Partnerships That Work For Everyone

Partnerships That Work For Everyone

We want to be seen as great partners who understand that real value can be added when we team up.

We want to deliver better results, to you our members, by working with others. We understand that formalising these partnerships at the right stage in the relationship is extremely beneficial and this will be our policy in the future.

We know we can't deliver a great student experience to you alone.

By 2018, we will develop and formalise our existing successful partnerships as a template and platform for further development which will include:
Joint Objectives- Partnership Governance - Funding and Resources Arrangements -
Relationship to Higher Level Objectives - Monitoring Health of Partnerships

 These partnerships will support and enable specific objectives from other elements of this plan and complementary objectives of partners.

Existing Developed partnerships

  • Senior University management
  • Sport
  • Careers and graduate attribute development
  • University marketing, communication and advancement
  • Peer support
  • Student welfare and support
    (Including Athena SWAN)
  • College
  • London
  • Commercial partnerships

Prospective partnerships

  • Local authority housing
  • Ethical and environmental
  • International
  • Employer partners
  • Partnerships with other Students' Unions Worldwide
  • UK Students' Unions independently of NUS

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Measuring Our Success

Measuring Our Success

We know that we need clear ways for our Executive and staff team to let you know how we're doing and report against our objectives.

We want to celebrate and applaud when things are going well and make changes when things aren't going to plan. To be the best we can be we know that good performance indicators are the key. We also know they need to be easily measurable and they need to genuinely reflect what is important.

key indicators will be used across all areas of work, sections and departments.
these include:

We will use volume, engagement and turnover in comparison to last year to measure our impact throughout the year.

We will measure your satisfaction, through a Bi-Annual survey made up of three key questions including more in-depth comment opportunities.

We will also measure progress against planned SMART objectives to ensure more focus and better accountability.

Our key objective will be to create focus, support and encouragement for everyone within LSU and not criticise them. Occasionally, formal performance management may be the best way forward. In addition, we will develop systems that direct resources to the areas that are having the most impact on our strategic objectives - which will include the launch of a strategic development fund which will allow you, as members of LSU, to bid with nitiatives that support this strategy.