Our Objectives.

Pathways For Personal Development

By 2019, we will develop systems that encourage students to explore personal development opportunities available to them alongside offering structured training, development and support. 

We aim to create structures that allow people to progress from novice to expert, while others will set their own goals based on their talent, personal objectives and commitment to the activity.

By 2019, 80% of students should say they have grown and developed as a result of being involved.

By 2019, we will have published policies alongside Loughborough university, college and other providers to maximise resources available and ensure they are allocated fairly for sport and other student activities in order to support objectives consistent with our plan.

By 2022, we will research and develop our definition, practice and support for life shaping student experiences and leadership (alongside international student development professionals, Loughborough Sport, and other colleagues) to ensure we can confidently claim that our student experience to you is world class .


We will maintain active participants at all levels through to 2019, with 5% growth each subsequent year from 2019-2020.

  • Members at c7,000 a year, 70% over the course of a university cohort; Leaders c1,500
  • By 2018, we will improve our levels of engagement based on diversity and will be setting targets for each section to ensure we move towards a better reflection of our membership.
  • Members will reflect growing satisfaction through NPS; some activities will be maintained or grow, others may cease driven by members' demand.
  • By 2018, the NPS of our 1,500 Level 4-5 leaders will be positive and increase by 50 leaders by 2022.

Key areas of activity, including Action, Rag, Media and Clubs and Societies, will have a detailed plan set out by their leaders.

  • The plans will be developed and approved by both their members and the body they report to and be published in a flexible, written format. 
  • Section plans will set out measurable and achievable goals, in line with our plan, that satisfy both their mission and membership. 
  • As much as possible, future resources will be reflective of demand and measured against results detailed in our KPI's.