Our Objectives.

Shaping and improving your teaching and learning

By 2021, our students will be more positive about their teaching and learning than those in any other UK institution measured through the NSS.

By the endof 2018, the University will have jointly committed to this objective.

70% of academics, across all departments, will value and respond positively to student feedback.

Academics will also acknowledge the support LSU gives to the representative system as an important ingredient to this success. 

By 2018-2019, we will have an online system for tracking issues as and when they are raised and noting when they are resolved.

It will be accessed by more than 500 students in that year.

By 2018, we will have reviewed and reorganised Student Voice to operate as a key LSU section. We will focus on its key functions alongside the support of an effective committee and staff team partnered with resources and a premises which is fit to deliver.

  • Individual student academic support will be more effective and separately organised in a way that is most accessible for the clients.
  • Peer support will be separately organised with it's functions, scope and operations reviewed.

Our Academic Reps and Programme Presidents will be well-trained and supported, while saying that they found their volunteering experience positive.

Positive feedback from our academic volunteers will grow steadily over the next 4 year period.

By 2020, we will develop our work with Postgraduates so that they express and feedback the same high level of approval for LSU through PRES (Postgraduate Research Experience Survey) and PTES (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey) as our undergraduates do through the NSS.